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Putting My Experience to Work

I have been working in small business restaurants of Capitola for 15 years. I have gained many cherished relationships with locals, patrons, and business owners over my years of hard work. This type of work has allowed me to learn calmness and patience under pressure, which can easily translate into understanding other's opinions and negotiating potential conflicts.

During my educational and hospitality career, I began growing my own business, Keiser Nutrition and Fitness, specializing in personal training and nutritional counseling.  I have worked with many locals over the years to provide knowledgable, fun, and useful health and fitness regiments. 

Putting Community First

Our special town and its residents are sacred, we need to make sure that we are putting our community first, whether it is in response to something as devastating  as the COVID-19 pandemic, safety in the streets and neighborhoods,  overall quality of life for those living and working here.

Capitola Mall Re-Build

The re-build and revamping of the Capitola Mall is an exciting new venture for our town. We now have the resources to add another prime destination within such a small radius. With a mixed-use building, open air shopping and dining, we are only adding more value to the town we all cherish. 

Health and Environment

Just as important as it is to strive for a healthy body and mind, we need to do the same for our environment. Maintaining healthy coastal access and implimenting safe practices are just some of the ways we can allow Capitola to thrive.

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